Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel

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Extra bonus points on successive playthroughs

Any unused bonus points at the end of the game are carried over when you start a new game in a cleared file. To make your future playthroughs on cleared files easier in the beginning, just save up your bonus points toward the end of the game. You could potentially start at level 1 with over 100 bonus points if you so choose.

Free, quick, and unlimited experience

When you first get the chance to transmute the squeaky hammer weapon (yellow handle, red hammer) you can get unlimited experience points. Just transmute it and then run up to the nearest enemy and mash away. You’re combo meter will be incredible since you can juggle the enemy forever. The experience bonus caps at 480 exp for a 50+ hit combo. So if you want to be efficient: juggle for 50 hits, let the enemy drop, get the combo bonus, repeat.

Extra Elixer

Once the effects of transmuted objects such as dolls have ended transmute them again to recieve an extra Elixer. This does not work on reloadables such as, gatling gun, or equipable weapons.

Unlock Cheatmode

While playing the game, insert the second Playstation 2 controller on the console. After that, press the [Star

button from the second controller, and you will get full list of cheats. To turn the cheats on or off, press [Righ

or [Lef

directional pad.

After game

When you beat the game it asks if you want to save it,say yes save the game then load it you will be at the begining of the game with all your accessories and items also some chests have the movie and grahics in them that you can look at in the gallery.

Cheat mode:
Press Start at the “Press Start” screen. Highlight the “Options” selection,
then press Down to highlight an invisible option. Press X to display the
debug menu, with options stage selection, sound test, Ed and Al’s
experience, event flags, special attack, and fever/fighting frenzy modes.