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Fate/Tiger Colosseum

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Alternate costumes

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding alternate costume.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Archer – Casual WearClear Archer’s Story (Hard Mode)
Caster – Casual WearClear Caster’s Story (Hard Mode)
Gilgamesh – Casual WearClear Gilgamesh’s Story (Hard Mode)
Ilya – Sports WearClear Ilya’s Story (Hard Mode)
Lancer – Casual WearClear Lancer’s Story (Hard Mode)
Rider – Casual WearClear Rider’s Story (Hard Mode)
Rin – School UniformClear Rin’s Story (Hard Mode)
Saber – Casual WearClear Saber’s Story (Hard Mode)
Saber – Lion CostumeClear Archer’s Story (Normal Mode)
Sakura – Casual WearClear Sakura’s Story (Hard Mode)
Sakura – Princess DressClear Shinji’s Story (Normal Mode)
Shiro – Casual WearClear Shiro’s Story (Hard Mode)
Taiga – Kendo WearClear Taiga’s Story (Hard Mode)


To unlock characters, simply clear a character’s story mode. Difficulty doesn’t matter.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Play as ArcherComplete Rin’s storyline.
Play as AssassinComplete Lancer’s storyline.
Play as BazettComplte Taiga’s storyline.
Play as BerserkerComplete Saber’s storyline.
Play as CarenComplete Taiga’s storyline.
Play as Dark SaberComplete Berserker’s storyline.
Play as Dark SakuraComplete Ilya’s storyline.
Play as GilgameshComplete Dark Saber’s storyline.
Play as IlyaComplete Shiro’s storyline.
Play as KireiComplete Gilgamesh’s storyline.
Play as ShinjiComplete Sakura’s storyline.
Play as SoichiroComplete Caster’s storyline.
Play as TaigaComplete Kirei’s storyline.
Play as True AssassinComplete Rider’s storyline