Fast and the Furious, The

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Tuning limitations

Special versions of cars cannot be tuned, such as the Nismo Skyline, or any other car that was a specially tuned version from the manufacturer. Also cars that are won from defeating Bosses cannot be tuned.

Boss’s car

When you have defeated all the members of a crew, you are left with the crew’s Boss. After defeating the Boss you will be awarded with his or her car and a new performance upgrade.

Good car

The fastest car is the Toyota Supra. Put all level 5 parts on it and it can reach 250 mph.The Corvette Z06 is one of the fastest cars in the game. Tune as follows and it will be able to reach over 270 mph. Set everything to level 5 except Gearbox (level 3) and Differential (level 4). Note: This car is fast but has too much hp for drifting. To get good drift car, it is best if it is between 400 and 500 hp and with Drift Tires level 4. Gearbox for drift cars should always go to level 3 and Turbo/Supercharger to level 2 or 3.

Defeating D.K

When you go against D.K. in the final drift battle on Suicide Mountain, use the Brake Drift on the entire track. This is the easiest way to complete the track.

Easy money

Purchase the $35,000 ’02 350Z Fairlady Nismo S-tune. Immediately turn around and sell it back to the dealership for $37,300. The car is nice, but is fully tuned as it comes, so its potential is limited. You can purchase it, drive it, and sell it back for a profit.

Easy Grip Battles

When doing Grip Battles in the mountains its easier to win if you treat it like a drift match. You will take corners faster and finish quicker.


Start a new game and enter “KICHIMI” as aplayer name.