F-Zero X

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Larger Racers

At the ship selection screen: Hold L + R + Z + C-Up + C-Down + C-Left + C-Right

X Cup

Clear the Joker Cup on Expert Difficulty.

Change Car Colors

To adjust the color of your craft, press the R button while selecting you car to scroll through the available paint jobs.

Master Difficulty

Win the Jack, Queen, King, and Joker Cups on all three difficulties.

Stop vehicle rotating

To stop the vehicle rotating, in the colour and acceleration/speed change menu, simply press all 4 ”c” buttons at once.

Joker Cup

Clear the Jack, King, and Queen Cups on Expert Difficulty.

All Tracks, Vehicles and Difficulties unlocked

At the title screen press: Up on D-pad, L, R, up on the right control stick, X, Y, ZR, + (start)

Shrinking cars!

At the screen where you select your racer, hold L+R and press C-left and C-down.

“Mechanical Cutaway” Menu Screens

Complete Jack, Queen, King, and Joker Cups on all difficulty levels

“Comic” Menu Screens

Complete Jack, Queen and King Cups on all difficulty levels

Unlock more vehicles

To unlock more rows of vehicles, you must obtain a number of X marks on the cups. You get an X mark for each difficulty you clear a cup on (If you clear a higher difficulty before clearing a lower one, you will receive an X for all difficulties up to the one you cleared).

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
2nd row of vehicles3 X marks
3rd row of vehicles6 X marks
4th row of vehicles9 X marks
5th row of vehicles12 X marks

All Cars, Tracks and Difficulties:

At the Mode Select screen, press L, Z, R,C-UP, C-DOWN, C-LEFT, C-RIGHT,
START. You should hear a chime if you did it correcly.

Change Car Colors:

To change your car’s colors, simply press the R-Button during the car
customization screen. Note that there are only a few select colors for
each vehicle.

Joker Cup:

To get the Joker Cup and six additional tracks beat the Jack, Queen,
and King Cup on Standard difficulty.

Mute City II Shortcut:

Right after you make the third hard turn, you will see a ramp to the
left that looks like it will lead you off track. If you hit it with a
booster, you will fly over the gap and onto the next strip of tracks.

Rotate Cars on Customization Screen:

Want to see your car from different angles? At the customization screen
press the C-Buttons to rotate the car in all directions.

Smaller Cars:

At the car select screen press and hold the (L) and (R) buttons. While
holding those buttons press C-LEFT and C-DOWN to shrink the cars.

Title Screen Changes:

To have the title screen change to a comic book motif, beat F-Zero X on
Expert. For a second change, beat the game on Master difficulty.

X-Cup (Track Generator):

Beat all four cups on Expert difficulty to open F-Zero’s hidden X-Cup.
This cup will randomly generate six courses, ranging from utterly
boring to plain cool. Beating the four cups will also open a Master
Difficulty level.

DE067000 0000 Enable Code (Must Be On)

800E5FD3 00?? Kills (Stars) Modifier P1
800E5FC7 00?? Characters Remaining in Race Modifier
812C492A 03E7 999 Points in Grand Prix Mode
800E5ED9 0005 Infinite Lives
800CD3C8 0001 Unlock Everything
812C4984 2222 Super Ultimate Mega Fast Mode
800E523E 0000 Cool Camera
802C4B3F 0040 Hunk o’ junk

812C4BC0 0000 Time Always 00’00″00 / Place 1st
812C4BC2 0001

812C4B48 4326 Infinite Shield
812C4B4C 4326

D02C4DAC 003F Have Boost From Start
802C4925 0050

D02C4BC9 0000 Endless Race
812C4BC8 0002
812C4BCB 0001
812C4BCA 0002

800E5ED9 0000 Expert Mode
812C4B48 0000
812C4B4C 0000

D02C4BC9 0000 One Lap To Race
812C4BC8 0002
D02C4BCB 0001
812C4BCA 0002

800E5EE1 00XX Character Modifier P1
Replace XX with:
00 Captain Falcon
01 Dr. Stewart
02 Pico
03 Samurai Goroh
04 Jody Summer
05 Mighty Gazelle
06 Mr. EAD
07 Baba
08 Octoman
09 Gomar + Shioh
0A Kate Alen
0B Roger Buster
0C James McCloud
0D Leon
0E Antonio Guster
0F Black Shadow
10 Michael Chain
11 Jack Levin
12 Super Arrow
13 Mrs. Arrow
14 John Tanaka
15 Beastman
16 Zoda
17 Dr. Clash
18 Silver Neelsen
19 Bio Rex
1A Draq
1B Billy
1C The Skull
1D Blood Falcon
1E Perfect Captain Falcon (Probably a debug character)

882C4EE7 0040 Bye Bye Enemies
882C528F 0040
882C5637 0040
882C59DF 0040
882C5D87 0040
882C612F 0040
882C64D7 0040
882C687F 0040
882C6C27 0040
882C6FCF 0040
882C7377 0040
882C771F 0040
882C7AC7 0040
882C7E6F 0040
882C8217 0040
882C85BF 0040
882C8967 0040
882C8D0F 0040
882C90B7 0040
882C945F 0040
882C9807 0040
882C9BAF 0040
882C9F57 0040
882CA2FF 0040
882CA6A7 0040
882CAA4F 0040
882CADF7 0040
882CB19F 0040
882CB547 0040

With these 29 lines of code, press the GS button during play to send
your enemies to kingdom come! They will race all right but you have the
power to blow them up!