Eye Of The Beholder

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Easy Money
At the Golden Hammer Inn on floor 1, talk to the dwarf that makes new rosters for your party. If your party is already full, remove some party members, but do not delete them if you still want to keep them and their items. Then, create new characters. Move the new characters to your party and unequip their items. Sell the new characters’ items. Repeat this process for more money to buy better items. When you are done, delete all of the new characters at the starting screen and add your previous characters back into your party.


There is a small alcove named Pantry in level 5. Drop five rations
here to receive experience and transform them into Iron rations.

Nest room
Drop ten eggs in a single pile inside the Nest room in Level 6.

1 8285 6D2C + 82DE 049B Infinite HP
3 828D A798 No waiting to hit again
4 CBAA A726 + 3CA2 AD96 Kill with 1 hit–works for
monsters too
5 D68B-A474 Pick a lawful, human male fighter and he will
be at Level 8
6 D18B-A474 Pick a lawful, human male fighter and he will
be at level 6