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Europa Universalis 2

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Europa Universalis 2 is a captivating grand strategy game that transports players back in time to the tumultuous era of the Renaissance. As the ruler of a nation in Europe, players must navigate the treacherous waters of diplomacy, warfare, and trade to expand their empire and secure their place in history.

With its intricate political systems, detailed historical events, and vast map spanning from the New World to Asia, Europa Universalis 2 offers a truly immersive gaming experience. Players must carefully manage their resources, forge alliances, and engage in strategic battles to conquer new territories and shape the course of history.

Whether you prefer to build a powerful empire through peaceful diplomacy or ruthless conquest, Europa Universalis 2 offers endless possibilities for players to explore and conquer. Are you ready to rewrite the history books and lead your nation to glory? Play Europa Universalis 2 and find out!

Europa Universalis 2 Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

Cheat mode:Press [F12] during game play, enter one of the following codes at the console window and press [Enter]. Press [Ctrl] + [F12] to close the console window and activate the corresponding cheat function.Effect Code Toggle revolts: alba Toggle John Calvin mode: calvin Explore all provinces; cannot be deactivated: columbus Toggle natives: cortez Increase infrastructure level: cromwell Additional 10 Merchants: dagama Trigger indicated event: event God mode: difrules Increase naval technology level: drake Increase land technology level: gustavus Additional 6 Missionaries: loyola Toggle Reformation mode: luther Additional 50,000 Ducats to treasury: montezuma No pause during events: ney Set stability to +3: oranje Toggle fog of war: pappenheim Additional 10 Colonists: pocahontas Increase trade level: polo Toggle control of all military units: richelieu Change domestic policy freely: robespierre More cannon fodders: russianhordes Additional 10,000 population to capital province: swift Toggle ability of CPU to declare war: tilly Toggle Treaty of Tordesillas mode: tordesillas Toggle Council of Trent mode: trent Additional 10 Diplomats: vatican Toggle province status review: wallenstein Event numbers:Use one of the following entries with the event code. Note: Some events can only happen at certain points in the game. Activating some events outside of their normal occurrence may glitch the game.Effect Number Reformation 100 Jean Calvin 101 Council of Trent 102 Edict of Tolerance 103 Treaty of Tordesillas 110 English Pirates 1000 One Province revolts unprovoked 1001 Religious turmoil; one revolt 1002 Conversion of heretics; changes religion in one province 1003 Gift to the state; +200 gold 1004 Temporary insanity of monarch; ADM, DIP, MIL set to 2 for 12 months 1005 Excellent minister; ADM, DIP, MIL set to 9 for 12 months 1006 Scandal at Court 1007 Wave of Obscurantism; +3 revolt risk 1008 Exceptional year; -5 inflation, +100 gold 1009 Rush of colonists; +3 colonists 1010 Diplomatic move; +50 relation, +1 diplomat 1011 Great reputation; +10 relation with 7 countries 1012 Colonial Dynamism 1013 Colonial Dynamism; +1 conquistador, +3 colonists 1013 Unexpected invention; +1 manufacturing 1014 Rush of Merchants 1015 Plague; -5000 people in province 1016 Reformation of army; +250 land tech 1017 Reformation of navy; +250 naval tech 1018 Enthusiasm for army; +5000 troops 1019 Enthusiasm for navy ; +5 warships 1020 Agricultural Revolution 1021 Devastating fire; -1 manufactory 1022 Good government policies; +1 stability, +250 infrastructure and trade tech 1023 Poor government policies; -1 stability, -250 infrastructure and trade tech 1024 Unhappiness with Clergy 1025 Unhappiness among Artisans 1026 Unhappiness among Peasants 1027 Unhappiness among Merchants 1028 Valuable mineral 1029 Political Crisis 1030 Corruption 1031 Deflation 1032 Diplomatic Insult 1033 Fortification effort; +1 fort to province 1034 Creation of bank; -5 inflation, +200 gold 1035 Creation of stock exchange; -2 inflation, +100 gold, +500 infrastructure tech 1036 Creation of company of trade; +2 merchants, +500 trade tech 1037 Colonial uprising; 1 colony rebels 1038 Heretic Uprising 1039 Explorer; +1 explorer, +0 colonists 1040 Conquistador; +1 conquistador, +0 colonists 1041 Nobles (-2 stab) 1042 Trading Company Disaster 1043 Internal Trade 1044 Meteor Sighted 1045 Fire Ordinance 1046 Saint performs miracle; +1 stability, -3 revolt risk 1047 Medical 1048 Noble Feud 1049 Nobles ally with foreign power; -2 stability, casus belli (nation) 1050 (www.gamesupport.dk)Assassination of noble 1051 Cessation of Church Functions to Nobility 1052 Sale of Offices 1053 Monopoly company formed 1054 Nobles demand increased pensions 1055 Grant export licenses 1056 New land claimed 1057 Establish cantonments 1058 Nobles demand old rights 1059 Cities demand old rights 1060 Non-enforcemnts of Ordinances 1061 Bourgeoisie request privileges 1062 Italian Engineer available 1063 Foreign drill instructor; -250 gold, +1 offensive doc, +1 quality / -1 victory points 1064 Build a Great Palace 1065 Indulgence Peddler 1066 Uncooperative Philosopher 1067 Regional Heresy 1068 Boundary Dispute 1069 Merchants Harassed 1070 Regional population boom; +2 colonists / +2000 population 1071 Petition for redress; -4 stability, +1 centralization/-1 stability, -1 tax, revolt (province) 1072 Noble family requests aid 1073 Support for dissidents abroad 1074 Foreign trade competition rises; +1 mercantilism / -1 merc 1075 Exceptional Court Painter available 1076 Catholic influence in Africa 1077 Christian influence in South Africa 1078 Mali returns to paganism 1079 Moslem influence in Africa 1080 Moslem influence in Nubia 1081 Catholic influence in America; +1 stab / convert to catholic and 4 colonies 1082 Protestant influence in America 1083 Moslem influence in south-east Asia 1084 Newton pulishes Principia Mathematica; +200 to land, naval, infa, and trade tech. 1500 Newton Pulishes Optica; +250 to land amd naval tech. 1501 Hungarian vampire; -1 stability, -1 innovativeness 1503 Gerard Mercator de Kremer; +500 to naval tech 1506 All Life Is Holy; -2 stability 1508 The Lollard Hersey; +3 revolt risk, -2 stab, -50g/-100 to 2 countries 3001 War of the Roses; +1 artist, serf, -1 central, land, -3 stab 3002 Bosworth Field; +3 stab, central, -3 serf, merc, -5 artist 3003 End of the 100 Yrs War; +1 stab, +150 relations with France 3004 Justices of Peace; +1 cent, +6 tax collectors, +1 stab, -200g +1 serf, arist, +2 stab, +100g 3005 Support Middle-class Bureaucrats; +1 innov, -1 arist, merc, land, stab -1 innov, +1 arist, serf, stab, +2 land, +100g 3006 Court of the Star Chamber; +2 cent, innov, +1 stab, +3 revolt risk +2 artist, +1 stab, -1 cent, innov 3007 The Enclosure Movement; -3 stab, +1 revolt risk/-1 central, -2 serf, +1 stab 3008

Cheat mode:
Press “F12” during game play, enter one of the following codes at
the console window and press “Enter“. Press “Ctrl + F12” to close
the console window and activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Toggle revolts alba
Toggle John Calvin mode calvin
Explore all provinces columbus
Toggle natives cortez
Increase infrastructure level cromwell
Additional 10 Merchants dagama
Trigger indicated event event
God mode difrules
Increase naval technology level drake
Increase land technology level gustavus
Additional 6 Missionaries loyola
Toggle Reformation mode luther
Additional 50,000 Ducats to treasury montezuma
No pause during events ney
Set stability to +3 oranje
Toggle fog of war pappenheim
Additional 10 Colonists pocahontas
Increase trade level polo
Toggle control of all military units richelieu
Change domestic policy freely robespierre
More cannon fodders russianhordes
Additional 10,000 population to capital province swift
Toggle ability of CPU to declare war tilly
Toggle Treaty of Tordesillas mode tordesillas
Toggle Council of Trent mode trent
Additional 10 Diplomats vatican
Toggle province status review wallenstein