Elder Scrolls : Morrowind, The

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Legendary Long Blade Locations
Goldbrand- Swim past the daedric ruin, northwest of Hla Oad to find a sunken ruin and a crumbled shrine. Talk to the head and receive his quest for restoration. Go to Vivec, Foreign Quarter, Jobasha’s Book Store and buy Bothiath’s Glory. Then go to Caldera, Ghorak Manor and talk to the Orc on the third floor about a sculptor. Give him the Statue book and 2,000 gold and sleep for about 2 weeks. Go to Khartag Point, north of Gnaar Mok and talk to the restored shrine for your share of greatness.

Eltonbrand- First, get the Goldbrand. Next, go to the Ald Skar Inn and kill a man named Shashev. Take his key (and ring) and be off. Now you need to become a vampire. Find a vampire nest and contract the disease. Next, go to Vivec Mage’s Guild and talk with Sirlonwe. Give her the key and then drop in one pile, 11,171 gold in one pile and the rest of your gold in the other. Pick up the 11,171 gold and you’ll get a message saying Go to Hell, Carolina! Sounds insane, but its actually a great sword.

Temreki, Shackler of Souls- Kill Larrius Varro at Fort Moonmoth and loot his body.

Chrysamere- Kill a mage in Abinabi, north of Tel Fyr. Be warned, the cavern is crawling with Atronach.

Ice Blade of the Monarch- Kill a robed man in Rotheran, South of Dagon Fel, for the Blade, his robe and ring.

Umbra Sword- Go to Suran, go to the mountains, and in the mountains, look for a man with full Orcish Armor named Umbra. He will ask you to fight so he may die in battle. Be nice and agree, kill him and loot his corpse for his sword. Umbra is very strong.

Magebane- In the Laterus section of the Urshilaku Burial Grounds, it lies on one of the shrines.

Fury- Found on a dead hero in Kogoruhn.

Daedric Crescent- First, travel to Tel Fyr. Then go up to the Hall of Fyr, levitate up and look around near Diviyath Fyr to find a small chest and a key on his desk. Simple, right? Wrong. Unless you can open a level 100 lock, grab the key off his desk and go to the Corpusarium. That key, rather than open the small chest, opens a chest in the Corpusarium. In each chest you open, you’ll find another key until you open the last one. THAT key opens the small chest, which will give you a little amulet. Equip the amulet and transport to Megas Volar. Fight Lord Dregas Volar, and once you kill him; you are teleported back to Tel Fyr with the Daedric Crescent in hand!

Legendary Short Blade Locations
Soul Drinker- Given to you by Ranis Athrys of the Mages Guild once you complete her last mission.

Saint’s Black Sword- Either get this from Sorkvild’s Tower near Dagon Fel from one of his pawns or from the Telvanni Vaults, Vivec.

Shimsil- Found in Mawia, north of Tel Branora on an attacker.

Fang of Haynekhtnamet- Found in Mamaea, west of Bal Isra, in the shrine of pitted dreams. It lies in a cart.

Mehrunes Razor- To get the Dagger of Meruhnes Dagon, you must first travel to his shrine, which is at the northwest edge of Vvanderfell, past the dwemer ruin. Talk to the shrine and hear his story about his lost dagger. Go to the Alas tomb, which is south of Erabanimsum Camp. Find a corpse lying on the alter in the tomb. Loot his body for a rusty dagger and return it to the daedra lord. He will take it and grant you his Razor.

Black Hands Dagger- Become Grandmaster of the Morag Tong guild of assassins and Eno Hlaalu will give you this awesome dagger.

Dagoth Dagger- Either learn about the Vivec murders and kill the dreamer prophet in Vivec Foreign Quarter underworks or go to the Telvanni monster lab (Vivec canalworks) and look behind a pillow on the floor next to an alter.

Legendary Blunt Weapon Locations
Crosier of St. Lothis- Found near a skeleton in a tower right before you fight Dagoth Ur.

Light of Day- Join the Vampire clan Aundae, get to the Vampire-killer mission. Confront the killer in Ald Ruhn, kill him IN THE DAY and loot his corpse for the Light of Day and the Darksun Shield.

Mace of Molag Bal- Complete Molag Bal’s quest by going to Kora-Dur an killing Menta Na, a Daedroth. In his home are many nice things. Go back to Molag Bal and he’ll give you his Mace. (His shrine is in Yansirramus, west of Sadrith Mora. He’ll give you directions to Kora-Dur).

Scourge- Found in Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr, next to the small chest where the Daedric Sanctuary Amulet is found. It is locked in a large chest.

Skull Crusher- Found just outside Sadrith Mora. Take a nearly dirt trail to outside, follow it and find a daedric ruin. The door in barricaded, so go to a nearby island, enter an ancestral tomb and make your way into the daedric ruin. Find the Forge of Hilbongard and locate a levitating chest. Skull Crusher!

Staff of Hasedoki- Found on just another one of your victims in Gimothran Ancestral tomb, South of the Dunmer Stronghold, Falensarano.

Staff of Magnus- Found near Mount Kand Cavern in a cave called Assu.

Stormforge- Found on some girl you must to kill at the top of the Dunmer stronghold Hlormaren.

Veloth’s Judgment- Speak with Tharer Rotheloth in Molag Mar, Temple. Get up to the mission “Slay Raxle Berne”. He gives it to you for suit up.

Volendrung- Found in the Corpusarium in Tel Fyr, in a chest near Yagrum, the obese dwarf.

Legendary Spear Locations
Spear of Bitter Mercy- To get this second-to-none spear, you need to talk to the Shrine of Sheogorath in Inhipalit in Vivec St. Olms underworks. To do his quest, go to a desolate island far west of Dagon Fel to find a lonely shack. Talk to the Argonian, Big Head and take the Fork of Horripilation off the table and head for an island to the east. Find a small island with only a bull netch. Go to it to discover it’s a giant bull netch. You must kill it with the weak fork or you won’t get the spear. Once you land a deathblow with the fork, go back to the shrine and talk with Sheogorath. He will give you his legendary Spear of Bitter Mercy!

Illkurok- Found in Nchurdamz, a dwemer ruin north of the Shrine of Azura, leaning against the wall.

Greed- Found leaning on a wall in Vivec Telvanni’s Vaults.

Legendary Axe Locations
Stormkiss- Find Marvani Ancestral Tomb, enter and make your way down to a heavily locked door. Open it and enter a maze. Get to the middle and open an even heavier-locked door, leading to Sepulcher, a burial place leading you to a corpse and a Stormkiss.

Cloudcleaver- Hlormar Wine-Sot will ask you to help recover his axe, find the witch who has his axe just north of him, kill her, give him his axe for a +2 strength bonus and kill him for his axe.

Dwemer Pneuma-Trap- Found behind a heavily locked door in the Razor Hole, Balmora.

Cleaver of St. Felms- Found on a dead hero in the bladder of Clovis in the Sixth House Dwemer Ruin Tureynulal.

Legendary Marksman Locations
Daedric Longbow- Found in Maelkashishi’s Forgotten Galleries or go to Vassir-Didant cave, go in and out, go to Vivec, St. Olms, Haunted Manor, go talk with Dram Bero and pick Marksman for his weapon selection.

Bow of Shadows- In Venim Ancestral Tomb, kill Gorris the Maggot King and his apprentice and look on the table to the left of them. The bow should be on that table.

Bonebiter Bow of Sul Senipul- In the main quest, do the quest for the Ashkan of the Urshilaku, go to the Urshilaku Burial Grounds and reach the highest burial chamber to fight the wrath of Sul Senipul. Kill it for the bow.

Auriel’s Bow- In Ghostgate, Tower of Dawn, go up the stairs in the main plaza and talk to the man on the right with no helmet. Kill him for the bow.

Dart(s) of Judgment- On a bed in Llethri Manor.

Legendary Heavy Armor Locations
Dragonbone Cuirass- Found in Mudan, Lost Dwemer Checkpoint, Mudan Grotto, near a tiny hook-shaped island off the southwest coast of Ebonheart.

Lord’s Mail- Kill the refugee in Ebonheart’s underground stream. You can get there through the imperial commission.

Wraithguard(R)- This will be a gift from Lord Vivec himself! It has to do with the main quest.

Wraithguard(L)- To get this, you must first get Kagrenac’s Journal and Planbook from Endusal and Tureynulal. Next, you need to kill Vivec and loot his body for the Wraithguard (incomplete). Then, you need to take it to Yagrum of the Tel Fyr Corpusarium. He will give it back to you, but be warned, it permanently saps you of 200 health, despite you wearing it or not.

Left Fist of Randagulf- Found in Illunbi, near of Khartag Point. It’s behind a cart where you fight Dagoth Gares.

Right Fist of Randagulf- Found in Illunbi, next to the Left fist.

Ten Pace Boots- Found in Bal Fell, ina chest at the lowest level.

Auriel’s Shield- Found on a Bouyant Armiger in Ghostgate, Tower of Dawn.

Azura’s Servant- Found in the Northeast Tower in Tel Vos, behind a hidden door.

Darksun Shield- Kill the Vampire slayer at Ald Ruhn for the Vampire Clan Aundae IN THE DAY.

Spell Breaker- First, become a Vampire. Next, you must travel into Red Mountain into Salvel Ancestral Tomb. Find a vampire named Mastrius laying on the ground. He’ll get up and for a mission, send you to get the Spell Breaker. It’s in Bthuand, which is far west of Tel Vos. Find it laying on the ground and bring it back to Mastruis only to have him attack you with it. Kill him and claim it as yours.

Helm of Graff the White- Finish enough quests for Frald the White in the Imperial Legion and you’ll get it.

Mask of Clavicus Vile- Kill Sorkvild the Raven, in his tower right next to Dagon Fel.

Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw- Talk to the Statue of Malacath in Assurdiripul (west of Sanctus Shrine). He will ask you to slay the last Bearclaw descendant. You can find him and two bodyguards near Gnaar Mok near some dead Bull Netchs. Kill him and talk to the shrine again and get your reward.

Bloodworm Helm- Kill Crazy Batou in Maren Ancestral Tomb. It says he’s part of the main quest, but I never used him.

Legendary Medium Armor Locations
Ebony Mail- Become Patriarch of the Temple

Mountain Spirit- Get it from killing a man at the Erabenimsum Camp for the main quest.

Legendary Light armor Locations
Boots of the Apostle- Found on the body of a dead hero, guarded by two Winged Twilights in Berandus’ underground.

Cuirass of the Savior’s Hide- Found in a closet in Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr.

Morag Tong Helm- Found on certain Morag Tong members at their guildhalls.

Boots of Blinding Speed- Found on Pemenie, East of Gnaar Mok. She’s wearing them and not too hard to spot.

Glass Bracer(s)- Found either in Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk, Lower level for sale, or at Mournhold’s Great Bazaar, Armory. A left Glass Bracer can be found in the Wailingdelve.

Boneweave Gauntlet- Kill Ranabi of the Erabanimsum Camp.

Bonedancer Gauntlet- Kill Ranabi of the Erabanimsum Camp.

Icecap- Kill Hisin Deep-Raed for his hat. He can be found West of Ald Ruhn.

Train for 1 gold
To train for 1 gold you must go to sadrith mora and in the dirty muriels club you should find the master of illusion (he is on the top floor in a green robe)

buy the ‘scourge blade’ spell to get drain skill
then go into spellmaking menu and make the spell drain 100 to 100 mudutide on self for 2sec (when you open the drain skill a menu should came up with all the skills click on the skill you want to increase) then go and find a trainer that has the skill you want cast the spell and quickly enter the training menu if u did it correctly the skill you picked should be on 1gold
when you train a messege should come up saying ‘your …. has gone up to 0’ dont worry about that when the spell go off your chosen skill has actully gone up by 1

Keep Restore On
If using any of the restore (health/magicka/fatigue) cheats, when entering the code, do not let go of ‘A’! After entering the code (ex: Health – BWBBB) and hitting A, hold A instead, and while holding A hit B. This will exit you from the status screen but if you get injured your health will recharge instantly.

Daedric Cresent Blade
To find the Daedric Crescent Blade (a legendary item) go to Tel Fyr. On a table beside Devithe Fyr there is a key to plunder the dungeon, take the key he wont mind. Plunder the dungeon until you find the Daedric sanctuary amulet. Put the amulet on and it will teleport you to a daedric shrine. Once there beat the dremora and it will appear in your inventory.

Ball fell: talking mudcrab
Northeast of Bal Fell is a a rich talking Mudcrab. He is directly across from Releth Ancestrial Tomb. He has 10,000 gp and buys items full price (unless they are broken). He will buy most items. If you manage to find him and you have a spell called Mark use it there. If you Mark it, you can cast a spell called Recall to warp there. Do not kill him. You will need him after you get farther in the game and need someone to sell items to.

Really good light chest plate
First you need to go to Sadrith Mora then go to Tel Fry which is on a island a little bit south west of Sadrith Mora. Then go to the top level once you get there. There will be a dresser with a 100 lock level, break into that and there will be a cuirass called Saviors Hide.

Good Armor
The place to get some really good armor is at Ghostgate. In one of the rooms, there is glass armor and glass weapons. Find out a way to steal it.

100.000 gold
Theres 100.000 gold in Dagoth ur’s Ciridil in a lock 100 and traped chest in the Lorkan Heart Room. It might be hard to find but it will be worth it!

Infinite arrows
Equip a bow, then any arrow. Hold Attack to pull the arrow back. Enter the inventory screen with the arrow still pulled back. You may now release Attack. Unequip the arrows and resume the game. It will now continue to shoot the arrow. After it fires, it will not count that arrow to be missing.

Full Glass Armor for Free
First, read “The pilgrim’s path at someone’s bookstore. It will reveal Ghostgate and some other areas on your map. Next, get a scroll of lock and an Almsivi Intervention scroll (NOT DIVINE)from anyone you can find or learn the spell. Next, go to Ghostgate, east of Ald Ruhn. Go into the tower of Dusk, and go down the stairs. You’ll find a Dark Elf in plain clothes who sells all pieces of Glass. You’ll recognize him by his room, being surrounded by Glass Armor. Lock the door behind you, and beat his face in. He wields a Warhammer, so be pepared. You’ll also get a bounty, but Almsivi Intervention will take you out after you swipe all the glass you can carry.

After this, use Almsivi Intervention. Once at the nearest temple, drop all of your stolen items so the guards don’t confiscate it. Pay the fine and pick up the glass. Congrats. You’ve got armor or cash!

Warning- Glass armor is a light armor, if you use Unamored, Medium Armor or Heavy Armor, this quest might not be for you.

Bountiless For Free
When you speak with Sugar-Lips Habasi at the South Wall Cornerclub in Balmora, he will remove the bounty from your character for a price. However, if you take the time to leave your money on the floor beforehand, you can get rid of your bounty and keep most (if not all) of your gold.

Legitemate Training
Go to Dura Gra-Bols house in Balmora, by the riverfront. Go to the top floor and there should be some crates to your right. Search them until you find Gravewood Amulet (or something similar). What this amulet does is allows to summon skeletons without using Magica. Summon a skeleton, then kill it with whatever weapon you want. Repeat the process until the Amulet runs out of energy. Rest 24 hours to restore the Amulet and repeat until you are at 100 skill. Or use the cheat code.

Boost all weapon stats
Use the following trick to boost all your weapon stats, with the exception of Hand-to-Hand. Note: The boost is the same as previous methods mentioned; the only exception is that you are activating all of the bound spells for each weapon at one time, then pressing the appropriate trigger buttons and holding them throughout. First, acquire all bound “weapon” spells that cover the weapon stats. Make sure you have a spell that raises long blade, short blade, blunt weapon, etc. (one of each bound-type in your magic list). Depending on how much magicka you have, you may have to enable the “Change magicka level” code to ensure your magicka continues to rise as you cast the spells. Cast all of the bound “weapon” spells one after another. Once all of them are active, hold X + L and watch the weapons switch out rapidly. As they switch, the stats associated with each type of weapon will rise tremendously. You can do this as many times as desired until the spell expires. To continue boosting your stats, simply re-do the spells and hold the appropriate buttons your controller.

Restore Magicka, Health and Fatigue
During gameplay, press B to bring up the menus. Use R and L Triggers till you reach the stats menu. Enter the codes and then press A over the specified attribute until full.

Health- white~black-x4
Magicka- black~white-x2~black~white
Fatigue- black-x2~white-x2~back

Instant Skill Raise
First you most collect enough gold to get any Bound Weapon, once you have it, equip it then hold X to get it into attack position, I repeat hold it, then press and hold left and right triggers ate same time. I did this for 2 mins. and gained around a 100 points in that weapons skill.

Easy Money/Levels
Once you’ve made it to Balmora go to the Fine Alchemist in the northwest section, right next to the clothier. Find the crate with the full set of Master’s alchemy equipment. Hide behind the corner and steal it all. Then, go to the Mages guild and find Ajira in the basement. Buy her five kwama eggs and crab meats, then sell it back to her. Do this over and over until she has a hundred or so of each. Buy them from her and then go to your inventory and use the stolen equipment. Enter the hundred kwama eggs and crab meat as ingredients and start making potions. This will be a lot easier if you have a high alchemy skill. After you’ve made your restore fatigue potions go back to the alchemist and sell them to her. (She can’t buy them all at once, so sleep 24 hours after she spends all her money, and she’ll have another set of 3000 gold. You can repeat this process as much as you want until you have enough money. Then go out and get trained. This is tidious, but highly rewarding. I’m at level 52 right now.

Easy money
After traveling to Balmora in the beginning of the game, stop by Ravi’ir the traders house. A fairly heavy weapon such as axe or longsword of some sort is also required, which can be acquired from the Armorer a few shops down. Walk up to him and begin to bash his face in. You will have a decent fight on your hands — save before undertaking this challenge. You should win if you remember to keep hacking. This slight case of murder early in the game will earn you the “Fiend Katana”, and “Fiend Tanto”. One is worth 9000 gold and the other is 3000 gold. You will also get three other enchanted weapons. Sell them to the Armorer across the street or keep them to have extremely powerful weapons early in the game. He also has an armory in the back of his house which can be raided and sold.

Keep stolen items
Use the following trick to keep your stolen items if you get caught. Rather than paying someone to relieve the bounty on your head, drop everything in your inventory, except gold, somewhere you will remember. The objects will not be removed from the game. Then, pay a guard. You will not lose your stolen items and the bounty will be gone. As an additional bonus, the person you stole from will not attack you anymore or be sour towards you.