Elder Scrolls 3, The : Morrowind

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Defeating Arena opponents

To easily defeat anyone in the Arena (such as Arch Mage Trebonis, the Knight of the Imperial Dragon, etc.) get a spell made with fire damage (preferably 50+) and set the area to 30 to 50 feet. Enter the Arena from the very top, and you should be looking down at your opponent. Throw a couple of the spells down at them and they will die without hurting you. You can also kill other NPCs such as Umbra using Levitation to get above them, then torching them with the spell. This works well if you are a Mage that is just starting the game and do not have enough life or skill to get good weapons or armor.

Caldera: Easy money

For easy money early in the game, go to the Mage’s Guild in Caldera. Go into the tower and go up the stairs to an unguarded table. The table is filled with alchemist equipment that range in value from 100 to 4800 gold pieces. If alchemy is a major part of your class, you can use this to help you greatly. However, if you just want the money, the best place to sell it is the alchemist in Balmera next to the Fine Clothier. She is loaded with gold and if you have not made her mad, you can get a hefty pay check.

Duplicate rare quest items

Kill the player character and get item that you wish to duplicate. Open the console window and enable the player->ra code to get the desired player character back. Repeat the quest as often as desired to get as many rare items as needed.

Super potion creation

You must have Tribunal (or have access to a Fortify Skill spell) for this trick. Go to a Spellmaker, make a spell with: Fortify Intelligence 100 points for two seconds on self, Fortify Luck 100 points for two seconds on self, and Fortify Alchemy 100 points for two seconds on self. This will cost 45 Magicka to cast. As soon as you cast the spell, go into your inventory and make the potions. Intelligence and Luck hold major rolls in the creation of potions (Luck/8 * Intelligence/.068 * Alchemy/.14 = potion power). Note: Some versions of the game do not contain the Fortify Skill spells due to Bethesda removing them in patches. It was also removed from the Gold Edition release of the game.

Ebony Armor

To find a full set of Ebony Armor, go to Vivec and make sure your skill level is high enough to kill a guard or someone similarly powerful. Go to the Arena Compound. Go to the trainers area in the Fighter’s Guild. There will be someone wearing pitch black armor. Taunt him enough until he wants to fight you. He is a high elf, therefore it is very helpful to get a scroll to summon a Flame Atronach and let them fight.

Easy stealing

The following trick only works if you are standing on something other than the ground. Save the game. Jump in the air and have the mouse already pointing to the item. When you are at the peak of your jump, press [Space] when the crosshairs are on the item. The small screen for the item will apear. If the item is in a crate, do a quick save and then jump. While you are in the air, click on the crate, then take all. If you do not like what you picked up, do a quick load. The items will vary every time.

Item names

Use one of the following entries with the additem code. Note: When using names that have spaces in them (for example, daedric katana or daedric long bow), use quotes (for example additem “daedric katana”).ane_teria_mace_uniqueapparatus_sm_alembic_01apparatus_sm_calcinator_01apparatus_sm_mortar_01apparatus_sm_retort_01axe_queen_of_bats_uniqueazura_star_uniqueazura’s_serventbanhammer_uniquebk_a1_1_caiuspackagebonebiter_bow_uniqueclaymore_agustasclaymore_iceblade_uniquedaedric arrowdaedric battle axedaedric claymoredaedric clubdaedric daggerdaedric dagger_mtasdaedric dagger_soultrapdaedric dai-katanadaedric dartdaedric katanadaedric long bowdaedric longsworddaedric macedaedric shortsworddaedric speardaedric staffdaedric tantodaedric wakizashidaedric wakizashi_ttgddaedric war axedaedric warhammerdaedric warhammer_ttgddaedric_arrowdaedric_clubdaedric_club_tgdcdaedric_crescent_uniquedaedric_cuirassdaedric_gauntlet_leftdaedric_gauntlet_rightdaedric_pauldron_leftdaedric_pauldron_rightdaedric_scourge_uniquedaedric_scourge_uniquedaedric_shielddagger_fang_uniquedwe_jinksword_curse_uniqueebony_bow_aurielebony_dagger_mehrunesebony_staff_tgesflame_boltglass_arrowglass_bootsglass_bracer_leftglass_bracer_rightglass_claymoreglass_cuirassglass_dagger_enamorglass_greavesglass_helmglass_pauldron_leftglass_pauldron_rightglass_shieldglass_towershieldkatana_bluebrand_uniquekatana_goldbrand_uniquelongsword_umbra_uniquemagic_boltmisc_soulgem_azurapick_secretmasterprobe_secretmasterrepair_secretmaster_01shard_boltskeleton_keyspark_boltsword_of_white_woetemplar_bootstemplar_bracer_lefttemplar_bracer_righttemplar_cuirasstrollbone_helmtrollbone_shield

Increase Sneaking skill

Set Sneak to an unbound key such as [Ctrl] or [Enter]. Find a town, locate an NPC that stands still, and hold [Sneak]. If done correctly, the icon indicating that you are successfully sneaking should pop on and off the screen. Check to make sure that your Sneak ability is going up gradually. If not, then you are not close enough to another NPC. Move yourself around until your ability slowly increases. Provided the NPC does not walk away and you keep the [Sneak] held, your ability will continue to build. Leave the game alone for a few hours and your Sneak should grow very quickly. It requires about six hours to build Sneak from 40 to 100.

Hlaalu: Enter the treasury

Go into the lower wasteworks of Hlaalu, Vivec. It is on one of the sides. Go in and go down all of the steps. Once down there, you will see two people dressed in nice clothes and two Ordinators. Taunt all four of them and kill them. Then, take the deed for the Rethan Manor, which now makes you the owner of it. Proceed into the next door and you will see another Ordinator. Again, taunt and kill him. Go into the next door and you will see two Ordinators. They will trap you — jump over them. Keep the door open and that will allow you to steal all the items inside without them seeing. Take it and run. There is a full Glass armor set, including a helmet, over 5000 gp and lots of good weapons.

One hit kill spell

You will need the following spells: Shock Damage, Frost Damage, and Soul Trap. This will cost about 3,500. You will also need over 6000 Luck and a lot of Magicka. To do that, use this spell: Fortify Luck at 100 for two seconds; Soul Trap for two seconds. Fire this at a wall until you get your luck high enough. Then, make this spell: Shock Damage at 90 for two second on target; Frost Damage at 90 for two seconds on target; (for monsters) Soultrap for two seconds on target. This spell will take out Ordinators with one hit and will trap any monster it hits if you have the Soul Gems. It will not trap named monsters if you have the Soul Gems.

Ebonheart: Good armor

If you poke around the coast surrounding Ebonheart, you will notice that a door appears on your mini-map just off the shore. Swim down to it and go through. When you surface on the other side, you will be in the Ebonheart Underground Caves. The caves will branch off in three directions. One is a dead end, one takes you to the secret entrance to the Ebonheart Imperial Garrison (you need a key), and the third tunnel leads to a man in shiny armor. He will attack you. If you win, he has the Devil Katana (worth 10,000 gp) and the Lord’s Mail, On top of being worth 190,000 gp, it has an armor rating of 333, cures poison, and resists magic.

Keening Shortblade

You can get this sword in a part of the main quest. However, you do not have to follow the main quest to go claim it as your own. Instead, go to Odrosal, A Dwemer ruin southeast of Dagoth Ur. Inside the Dwemer Ruin, climb the ladder to retrieve the Keening Shortblade. You can get the key to the ladder from Dagoth Odros, after you kill him. Note: This sword requires Wraithguard to be worn before it can be wielded.

Dual Daedric Crescents

After taking the Amulet of Tel Fyr from the small chest (lock level 100) on the shelf beside Divayth Fyr, equip the amulet to be teleported to a shrine with an ancient dremora lord. Defeat the dremora lord and you will receive a message saying that the Amulet of Tel Fyr in your inventory has been replaced by the dremora lord’s weapon, the Daedric Crescent. If you are quick enough, you can get two of the crescents (value 180,000 each) by examining the dremora lord’s body quickly after you defeat it. Take the crescent from the dremora lord before the message about the amulet being replaced in your inventory appears and when you are teleported back to Tel Fyr, you will have two of the coolest looking weapon in the game!

Keep stolen items

Use the following trick to keep your stolen items if you get caught. Rather than paying someone to relieve the bounty on your head, drop everything in your inventory, except gold, somewhere you will remember. The objects will not be removed from the game. Then, pay a guard. You will not lose your stolen items and the bounty will be gone. As an additional bonus, the person you stole from will not attack you anymore or be sour towards you.

Conjure / Stat Boost

Create any ‘Bound’ spell with a 0 second duration and any stat boost given normally by the spell you chose becomes permanent.


in order to become Invisible, Soultrap a Golden Saint. Then, get an Exquisite Ring and either enchant it with Chameleon 100% constant effect yourself or pay someone to do it for you. Wear the ring. You can now only be seen by someone ten levels higher. This works better than Invisibility, because you will stop being invisible when you do something.

Ghostgate: Good armor and weapons

Go to the small town of Ghostgate, just northeast of Balmora. When you arrive, there will be two doors. Enter the left one, then follow the circular hall all the way around until you see stairs going down. Inside the first door on the left is a blacksmith. Kill him, pay the fee, and you will have the full Glass Armor set, including the sword.

Skip Census Office

At the beginning of the game, go to the Census Office but don’t go inside. Instead go left toward the tree. Walk on the tree until you are near the stone wall. Keep walking until you go through the top of the wall and end up outside. You will not be able to access any menus or anything

Easy kills

Attack an enemy, then run away or levitate so he cannot hit you. Save and reload the game. If done correctly, the target should no longer be hostile and you can steal or sneak up on him for critical hits. This is useful when killing Furius for De Lordsmail and Vivec.

Spell names

Use one of the following entries with the addspell code. Note: When using names that have spaces in them, use quotes (for example addspell “hearth heal”).hearth healbound axebound bootsbound clubbound daggerbound helmbound longbowbound longswordbound shortswordbound speardetect creaturefire bitefireballflameboltfrostfrostbitegod’s firegod’s frostgod’s sparklevitatemarkquicksilverrecallrestore intelligencerestore luckrestore personalityrestore speedrestore strengthrestore willpowerrestore agilityshockballsoul trapsparkspirit knifesummon bonelordsummon daedrothsummon flame atronachsummon frost atronachsummon scampsummon winged twilightwater breathingwater walking

Balmora: Good weapons

When you arrive in Balmora go to the east guard tower. Go to the top floor where the guard is located. Jump on the small basket and look on top of the dresser. The Sword Of White Woe can be found there. It drains life and has good attack power.

Dragbone Cuirass

The Dragbone Cuirass is an 180,000 Drake cuirass with a good armor rating and 100% resistance to fire. To find it, go to a grotto called “Mudan Grotto” south of Ebonheart. It is mixed in with about five other islands. Most of the grotto is underwater. You must go through a series of underwater halls and find some keys to reach it. There is a Steam Centurion also guarding it.


Reading some books will increase certain skills, locate places on your map, tell how to defeat various enemies, give you great history and background for the game, give you chances for quests, give riddles, tell jokes, give racial backgrounds, and tell how to make certain potions and what ingredients to use.

Increase Alchemy skill

Steal the Full Masters Alchemy equipment from the Caldera Mage’s Guild (from behind the door on the ground floor). Then, travel to Tel Branora/Tel Mora. On the bottom floor of Mistress Therayne’s wizard tower. there will be someone selling ingredients/potions/alchemy equipment. Buy 10 Crab Meat and 10 Hound Meat from her, then repeat until you have about 100 of each. Turn these into potions using the Masters Alchemy Equipment then sell the potions back to her. Repeat this for a while until you have gained about 3,000 or 4,000 gold. After this, start selling your Masters Alchemy Equipment and replacing it with Grandmasters Alchemy Equipment one by one, supplementing your money by making Crab/Hound Meat potions. After this you should have gone up a considerable amount in Alchemy as well as having about 5,000 in gold.

Corprus Exploit

At some point during the Main Quest of the game, you get mandatorily infected with Corprus Disease. This increases your Strength and Endurance while lowering most other attributes. Every 24 hours, the changes will occur. If you sleep over and over again for 24 hours each time, you can get your Strength and Endurance to very high levels. Once they are at the desired levels, go to an Imperial Cult shrine and restore the damaged attributes. After you have restored your attributes, continue with the main quest. When your Corprus is cured, the bonuses to Strength and Endurance will stay, while the damaged skills will return to normal.

Restore lost stats

If you have done anything to drop a stat, such as the “Soultrap” glitch, go to the Ald Run Mages Guild. Note: There are probably other altars that have “Restore Attributes”. Go all the way downstairs, then to the left. Look at the altar. Make a donation, and choose “Restore Attributes”. This works for all lost stats such as Security or Personality. Note: If you want your dropped skill to be many levels higher, go to a trainer who teaches that skill, then get your attributes restored. You can raise stats for a lot cheaper.

Affect enemy statistics-works for all versions

Go up to an enemy, press ` or ~ to open up the console, click on the enemy- its ID will apear after the title ”Console” at the top of the console. Type in the id, then add in ->, then the cheat, like ”sethealth 0” or ”setstrength 5”. For example, an annoying hoard of mudcrabs sneaks up to you- their ID should be something like ”mudcrab_00000006”, or something like that, so type in, to kill it, ”mudcrab_00000006->sethealth 0”, and poof, once you unpause, the mudcrab squeals and dies.

Ashurnibi: Good weapon

Go down the coast by boats, then follow the coast north from Hla Oad. When you find Ashurnibi, turn south to approach the ruin. Three small rocks are close by in the water. Go under the water just to the west and talk to the head. He will ask you to rebuild his shrine. A sculptor is in Caldera in Ghorak Manor. He will ask for plans. You can buy the book in Jobasha’s Bookstore in Vivec’s Foreign Quarter. After the shrine is completed, go to the new shrine and talk to Boethiah. He will give you a katana called Goldbrand.

Cheat mode

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Type “player->” followed by one of the following codes:

filljournalAdd all entries to journal; takes a long time
additem gold_100Add indicated amount of gold
addspellAdd indicated spell
setwaterbreathing 1Breathe underwater
gotojailCharacter goes to jail
pcclearexpelled “”Clear the “expelled” status of a faction you were kicked out of
createmapsCreate map image file for Xbox
clearforcejumpDisable ForceJump mode for selected NPC
clearforcerunDisable ForceRun mode for selected NPC
pcexpellExpel player from indicated faction
pcforce1stpersonFirst person view
setflying 1Flight mode
getfactionreactionGet faction reaction
forcejumpHave selected NPC constantly jump
forcerunHave selected NPC run
pcjoinfactionJoin indicated faction
fixmeJump 128 units away from current location
modacrobaticsModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modagilityModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modalarmModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modalchemyModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modalterationModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modarmorbonusModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modarmorerModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modathleticsModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modattackbonusModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modaxeModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modblindnessModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modblockModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modbluntweaponModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modcastpenaltyModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modchameleonModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modconjurationModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modcurrentfatigueModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modcurrenthealthModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modcurrentmagickaModify this ability/attribute by set amount
moddefendbonusModify this ability/attribute by set amount
moddestructionModify this ability/attribute by set amount
moddispositionModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modenchantModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modenduranceModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modfactionreactionModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modfatigueModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modfightModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modfleeModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modflyingModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modhandtohandModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modhealthModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modheavyarmorModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modhelloModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modillusionModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modintelligenceModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modinvisibileModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modlightarmorModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modlongbladeModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modluckModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modmagickaModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modmarksmanModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modmediumarmorModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modmercantileModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modmysticismModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modparalysisModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modpccrimelevelModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modpcfacrepModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modpersonalityModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modregionModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modreputationModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modresistblightModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modresistcorprusModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modresistdiseaseModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modresistfireModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modresistfrostModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modresistmagickaModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modresistnormalweaponsModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modresistparalysisModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modresistpoisonModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modresistshockModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modrestorationModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modsecurityModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modshortbladeModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modsilenceModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modsneakModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modspearModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modspeechcraftModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modspeedModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modstrengthModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modsuperjumpModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modswimspeedModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modunarmoredModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modwaterbreathingModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modwaterwalkingModify this ability/attribute by set amount
modwillpowerModify this ability/attribute by set amount
motoMove one to one
getblindnessOutput character information
getblockOutput character information
getbluntweaponOutput character information
getbuttonpressedOutput character information
getcastpenaltyOutput character information
getchameleonOutput character information
getcommondiseaseOutput character information
getconjurationOutput character information
getcurrentaipackageOutput character information
getcurrenttimeOutput character information
getcurrentweatherOutput character information
getdeadcountOutput character information
getdefendbonusOutput character information
getdestructionOutput character information
getdetectedOutput character information
getdisabledOutput character information
getdispositionOutput character information
getdistanceOutput character information
geteffectOutput character information
getenchantOutput character information
getenduranceOutput character information
getfactionreactionOutput character information
getfatigueOutput character information
getfightOutput character information
getfleeOutput character information
getflyingOutput character information
getforcesneakOutput character information
gethandtohandOutput character information
gethealthOutput character information
gethealthgetratioOutput character information
getheavyarmorOutput character information
gethelloOutput character information
getillusionOutput character information
getintelligenceOutput character information
getinteriorOutput character information
getinvisibileOutput character information
getitemcountOutput character information
getjournalindexOutput character information
getlevelOutput character information
getlightarmorOutput character information
getlineofsightOutput character information
getlockedOutput character information
getlongbladeOutput character information
getlosOutput character information
getluckOutput character information
getmagickaOutput character information
getmarksmanOutput character information
getmasserphaseOutput character information
getmediumarmorOutput character information
getmercantileOutput character information
getmysticismOutput character information
getparalysisOutput character information
getpccellOutput character information
getpccrimelevelOutput character information
getpcfacrepOutput character information
getpcrankOutput character information
getpcsleepOutput character information
getplayercontrolsdisabledOutput character information
getplayerfightingdisabledOutput character information
getplayerjumpingdisabledOutput character information
getplayerlookingdisabledOutput character information
getplayermagicdisabledOutput character information
getplayerviewswitchOutput character information
getposOutput character information
getraceOutput character information
getreputationOutput character information
getresistblightOutput character information
getresistcorprusOutput character information
getresistdiseaseOutput character information
getresistfireOutput character information
getresistfrostOutput character information
getresistmagickaOutput character information
getresistnormalweaponsOutput character information
getresistparalysisOutput character information
getresistpoisonOutput character information
getresistshockOutput character information
getrestorationOutput character information
getsecondspassedOutput character information
getsecundaphaseOutput character information
getsecurityOutput character information
getshortbladeOutput character information
getsilenceOutput character information
getsneakOutput character information
getsoundplayingOutput character information
getspearOutput character information
getspeechcraftOutput character information
getspeedOutput character information
getspellOutput character information
getspelleffectsOutput character information
getstandingactorOutput character information
getstandingpcOutput character information
getstartingangleOutput character information
getstartingposOutput character information
getstrengthOutput character information
getsuperjumpOutput character information
getswimspeedOutput character information
gettargetOutput character information
getunarmoredOutput character information
getvanitymodedisabledOutput character information
getwaterbreathingOutput character information
getwaterwalkingOutput character information
getwillpowerOutput character information
getwindspeedOutput character information
oriOutput reference information
payfinePay character’s bounty
coc “ken’s test hole”Place character in debug room
coc “toddtest”Place character in debug room
centeronexterior or coePlace character in the exterior cell grid
centeroncell or cocPlace character in the named cell
streammusicPlay indicated .MP3 song from “data filesmusic” folder
ptPurge textures
pcraiserankRaise your rank in any faction
removespell “”Remove available spell
setpccrimelevel 0Remove bounty
payfinethiefRemove bounty on your head
removeitemRemove indicated item
raReset actors
resurrectResurrect people that you have killed
resurrectResurrect player
getforcejumpReturn “true” if selected NPC is in ForceJump mode
getforcerunReturn “true” if selected NPC is in ForceRun mode
setSet abilities and skills
setacrobaticsSet acrobatics skill
setagilitySet agility skill
setalchemySet alchemy skill
setalterationSet alternation skill
setarmorbonusSet armor bonus
setarmorerSet armorer skill
setathleticsSet athletics skill
setattackbonusSet attack bonus
setaxeSet axe skill
setblockSet blocking skill
setbluntweaponSet blunt weapon skill
setchameleonSet chameleon skill
setconjurationSet conjuration skill
setdefendbonusSet defense bonus
setdestructionSet destruction skill
setenchantSet enchant skill
setenduranceSet endurance skill
setfatigueSet fatigue
sethandtohandSet hand to hand skill
setheavyarmorSet heavy armor skill
setillusionSet illusion skill
setintelligenceSet intelligence skill
setlightarmorSet light armor skill
setlongbladeSet long blade skill
setluckSet luck skill
setmagickaSet magicka level
setmarksmanSet marksman skill
setfatigueSet maximum fatigue value
setmagickaSet maximum magic value
setmediumarmorSet medium armor skill
setmercantileSet mercantile skill
setmysticismSet mysticism skill
sethealthSet player health
setlevelSet player level
setreputationSet reputation
setresistblightSet resist blight skill
setresistcorprusSet resist corprus skill
setresistdiseaseSet resist disease skill
setresistfireSet resist fire skill
setresistfrostSet resist frost skill
setresistmagickaSet resist magicka skill
setresistnormalweaponsSet resist normal weapons skill
setresistparalysisSet resist paralysis skill
setresistpoisonSet resist poison skill
setresistshockSet resist shock skill
setrestorationSet restoration skill
setsecuritySet security skill
setshortbladeSet short blade skill
setsneakSet sneak skill
setspearSet spear skill
setspeechcraftSet speechcraft skill
setspeedSet speed
setstrengthSet strength skill
setunarmoredSet unarmored skill
setwillpowerSet will power skill
setpersonalitySet your personality level
fillmapShow all the towns on world map
saShow animation
togglefullhelp or tfhShow ownership and script name
showscenegraph or ssgShow scene graph
sgShow selected actor’s group members
stShow selected actor’s target group members.
helpShow shorthand for most commands
showShow the value of a specified global variable
showvars or svShow variables
svShow variables
additemSpawn indicated item
placeatpcSpawn monster or item, for example placeatpc vivec_god 20 n
stopcelltest or sctStop cell test
setsuperjump 1Super jumps
testcells or tcTest cells
testinteriorcells or ticTest interior cells
testmodels or t3dTest models
pcforce3rdpersonThird person view
toggleai or taToggle AI
taiToggle AI
toggleborders or tbToggle borders
togglecollisionboxes or tcbToggle collision boxes
togglecollisiongrid or tcgToggle collision grid
togglecollision or tclToggle collisions
togglecombatstats or tcsToggle combat statistics
toggledebugtext or tdtToggle debug text
toggledialoguestats or tdsToggle dialogue statistics
togglefogofwar or tfowToggle fog of war
togglegodmode or tgmToggle God mode
togglegrid or tgToggle grid
togglekillstats or tksToggle kill statistics
tlToggle lights
toggleloadfadeToggle load fade
tlfToggle load fade
togglemagicstats or tmsToggle magic statistics
togglemenus or tmToggle menus
tpgToggle path grid display
tsoToggle script output
togglescriptsToggle scripts
togglesky or tsToggle sky
togglestats or tstToggle stats
toggletexturestring or ttsToggle texture string
tvmToggle vanity mode
twaToggle water
togglewireframe or twfToggle wireframe
toggleworld or twToggle world
startscript “vampire_aundae_pc”Turn into a Aundae Clan vampire
startscript “vampire_berne_pc”Turn into a Berne Clan vampire
startscript “vampire_quarra_pc”Turn into a Quarra Clan vampire
setwaterwalking 1Walk on water

Ald Ruhn: Good armor

To find a near full set of glass armor go to the Fighter’s guild in Ald Ruhn. There is a door on the bottom floor which is barely guarded with a level 80 lock. Go in and unlock the chest near the bed.

Unlimited health

Complete the mission for Ranis in the Mages Guild in Balmora where you stop the person who stands there from giving training in south wall . After this you can buy spells from him. Buy Deadric Health. Then, go to a spellmaker and create a spell with the following attributes: Fortify Health Self 100 – 100 2 secs and Soultrap target. Cast it at the ground. It raises your health 100 each time. You cannot restore it without using this spell. Sleeping and saving the game will not lower it.

Soul gem creation

Use the following with the addsoulgem code. The proper format of the code is player->addsoulgem “” “”Values for the field are:misc_soulgem_pettymisc_soulgem_lessermisc_soulgem_commonmisc_soulgem_greatermisc_soulgem_grandmisc_soulgem_azura (special gem) Values for the field include most creatures, such as the following.ratslaughterfishskeletonskeleton warriorcliff racerbonewalkerscampskeleton championwinged twilightsirilonwe (special creature)chalone (special creature)dreamer (special creature)teegla (special creature) For example, player->addsoulgem “misc_soulgem_grand” “winged twilight”

Getting good weapons

Use the following trick to get Daedric, Ebony, and other great weapons. Go to someone in the Mages Guild and buy the spell Summon Dramora. Kill it and just before if vanishes, click on where it died. You can take whatever desired from the Dramora. Note: You have to be good in Conjuration, and be strong or have a very good attack.

Balmora: Good armor

Go to the armorer in Balmora and look behind the counter to find Orcish Cuirass and Orcish Boots. If you take them, use adrenaline rush and jump over the counter. Go out the door and immediately visit the Thieves Guild to get your bounty cleared. Drop gold and it is free. If you get caught, resist arrest. You can then go back and steal more items from him like such as the Dreugh Helm and Shield.

Increase Magicka skill

To increase various Magicka skills (Alteration, Destruction, etc.), go to one of the Mages Guilds and look for a person that has the option of Spellmaking. For example, if you want to increase Destruction, go to a spell that is under the Destruction school, such as Fire Bite. Put the spell Firebite under Effects and set all of the things such as duration and magnitude to 1. Go around casting the spell at objects (not at people). Every time you cast it, it will go up about 3/100 points.

Total invincibility

Create a spell that fortifies health on self (it does not matter how much or for what duration), then Soul Trap for two seconds on target. It must be in that order. Cast this spell and you will not take any damage. Your health bar will not go down. You will not die even if you fall a long distance or take damage from a trap. Note: You may have to recast this spell every now and then.

Easy armor and weapons

Look in guard towers and forts. You will notice weapons and other such things. If there is no guard, then you can steal them without worry. If there is, wait for him or her to walk away or get behind something so they cannot see you. If you cannot see them, they cannot see you. However if you are arrested or discovered, you will lose all of the items you took. It is recommended that you only look for the best items.