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Earthworm Jim 1

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Cheat :

THREEMILEISLAND = Full healthITSAWONDERFUL = Extra lifePOPQUIZHOTSHOT = 1000 bulletsONANDONANDON = Maximum continuesSLAUGHTERHOUSE = Access to first 5 levels on the File menuIDDQD and IDKFA = Each will show a different credit screenHATMAN = Turns Jim into a stick figurePULSATING = Makes Jim look like GrouchoBLOATED = Makes Jim have an afroFESTERING = Makes Jim have a red afroSWEATY = Makes Jim have big lipsPUSFILLED = Makes Jim have antennaeMALFORMED = Makes Jim have glassesSLUGFORABUTT = Makes Jim have an arrow thorugh his head and a weird face