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Deception is a thrilling and strategic game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Set in a world of espionage and deceit, players must navigate through a web of lies and deception to uncover the truth. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Deception will transport you into a world of mystery and intrigue.

As you delve deeper into the game, you will need to use your wits and cunning to outsmart your opponents and unravel the secrets that lie hidden within the shadows. With multiple levels of difficulty and a variety of challenges to overcome, Deception offers a truly immersive gaming experience that will test your skills and keep you coming back for more.

Whether you are a seasoned gamer looking for a new challenge or a casual player looking for an exciting adventure, Deception has something for everyone. So grab your spy gear and get ready to embark on a thrilling journey filled with twists, turns, and unexpected surprises. Are you ready to uncover the truth, or will you fall victim to the ultimate deception?

Deception Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Chapter 16 Tip
To get the necklace from the ceiling, set off a trap on the second floor directly above the item. The necklace should fall to the floor. Character Combinations
These uninvited guests will be happy to attend if you perform the right ritual. To capture their attention, lure the characters shown. To capture: Lure these characters:
Alien Magic Doll and Digger
Carpenter Merchant and Pirate
Cavelier Soldier and Archer
Cleric Wizard and Soldier
Digger Archer and Merchant
Messenger Wizard and General
Witch Gem Guard and Swordsman Secret Message
Hidden in the text on the back of the cd-case is a secret message. To find it, just write down all the slightly off color letters (they are a bit darker gray than the rest.) Secret Songs
Place Tecmo’s Deception into any conventional CD player and skip to track 2. DO NOT PLAY TRACK 1! Two short songs based on the in-game music await.  

When collecting bodies:

– Invite a merchant and a pirate : a pesky little carpenter
will come with them
– Invite a general and a wizard : an annoying messenger
comes with them
– Invite a magic doll and a psychic : a curious little
alien tags along
– Invite a gem guard and a swordsman : a witch comes along
with them