Dancing Stage Unleashed 2

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Mae a Jam! (Dub and house mix) – Big Idea

Win Make a Jam mode on all the difficulty settings

Midnight Special – Love Machineguns

Play 20 songs


Complete 50 songs

Zero One

Get a double A on Any song

G2 – Aya Play 200 songs or

Complete the extra one challenge

Toe Jam – Big Idea

Complete Baile Le Samba in Heavy Mode

I feel (T.O.Y remix) – T.O.Y

Get over 12,000 points on the credits minigames

In My Eyes (Midihead) – Midihead

Play 100 songs

MAX 300 (Super maxmemix) – Jondi and Spesh

Get a triple A rank on any song or complete Maxx Unlimited in Heavy Mode