Dance Dance Revolution Konamix

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All Modes

To select Little, Flat, Left, Right, Shuffle, Mirror, Hidden, Sudden, or Stealth choose your song, and at the Difficulty select screen, press ”Start” and then use left, right, up, and down to select the different modes.

Unlock New Songs

To unlock new songs, simply complete five songs (from the original 32). There are 20 more available, all of which are listed below:
190′: Paranoia Rebirth
2MB: Trip Machine (Luv Mix)
2MB: La Senorita Virtual
BeforU: Dive
DE-SIRE: Healing Vision
D.J. RICH featuring Tail Bros.: Super Star
dj.TAKA: Absolute
dj.TAKA: Leading Cyber
KTz (V1 remix): AM-3P (303 Bass Mix)
L.E.D. Light: Genom Screams
NAOKI: Can’t Stop Fallin’ in Love
NW260: Drop Out
RE-VENGE: Matsuri Japan
RE-VENGE: Orion.78 (Ameuro-Mix)
SOTA featuring Ebony Fay: Do it Right
Stone Bros.: Let the Beat Hit ‘Em (Classic R&B Style)
TaQ: Holic
TaQ: Era (Nostalmix)
tigerYAMATO: R3

Easier to get extra songs

Even though you need to play 5 songs, you can always play really easy songs that way you can get them.Also, go to options and then go to ‘game options’ and set it to have you play 5 songs in ‘game mode’ that way, you can keep track of when you will get an extra song.And don’t worry about failing one song, because you won’t have to start over.