Cutthroats: Terror on the High Seas

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Cheat :

PLEASE REMEMBER BEFORE CHANGING ANYTHING IN YOUR GAME DIRECTORY, TO MAKE A BACKUP COPY AND SAVE IT ELSEWHERE, JUST IN CASE. Here goes: Find a .txt file named, “PlayConsum.txt” in: C:GamesCutthroatsDataEcon This tiny file tells the game how much food needs to be available before your sailors start to complain, die, and finally vote you out: Sup Weight(lbs) Per personFood 3Fruit 1Pork 1Rum 1 Simply edit it so that ALL the values read “0”, then save as “PlayConsum.txt”: Sup Weight(lbs) Per personFood 0Fruit 0Pork 0Rum 0 With this file in place, you can cruise forever so long as you have AT LEAST 1 ton of each of these supplies on your ships. Your men will never complain about eating “ship’s biscuits and salt beef” again, and never vote you out. (DS1-None of this comes without a hitch though. There is a glitch where “Food” and “Rum” are never depleted, but “Fruit” and “Livestock” are. Never fear, because I still never got any complaints about the men’s eating habits. Just to be safe though, whenever I noticed that we’d run out of an item, I’d simply buy a couple of tons, just to have them on hand.)