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Corvette for Game Boy Advance is a thrilling racing game that puts players behind the wheel of the iconic American sports car. With realistic graphics and smooth gameplay, players can experience the thrill of high-speed racing as they navigate through challenging tracks and compete against other drivers.

The game features a variety of Corvette models to choose from, each with unique handling and performance characteristics. Players can customize their cars with different paint jobs and upgrades to enhance their performance on the track.

Corvette for Game Boy Advance offers multiple game modes, including single races, time trials, and championship races. With intuitive controls and responsive gameplay, players can easily master the art of drifting around corners and overtaking their opponents to claim victory.

Whether you’re a fan of the Corvette or just love fast-paced racing games, Corvette for Game Boy Advance is sure to provide hours of adrenaline-fueled entertainment. Strap in, rev your engines, and get ready to experience the thrill of the open road in this exciting racing game.

Corvette Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Mini Car Mode
Hold L + R, then Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left. If entered corecttly you will here a sound resembling “yeah”.

Level select:
Hold L + R, then press Up, Left, Down, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right
when “Press Start” appears at the title screen.

Small cars:
Hold L + R and press Up, Right, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left
during game play.