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Close Combat 2 : A Bridge Too Far

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Cheat :

Enter the game, start playing as german in campain, when you are in the debreifing room look at the requisition points for the current operation (mission is surrounded by a yellow box ) memorize the amount. press cancel and return to main menu. Select other than campain press alt+esc (win 95 pc) To return to the desktop, start MS Word, Open the saved game with word text editor (the game autosaves itself in the last number of saved game if it was the last mission you selected – backup the file first). search for the string “//Req points for operation” -without the quotes ” “- it has many strings keep searching the string where u’ll find the number you memorised change it to 1500 or more(1500 is enough). DO NOT DELETE THE SPACE BETWEEN THE NUMBER AND THE //.. if you made it undo (it’s a formatted area) NOW to get better weapons and units:go up few lines you see the req unites allocated.. Type,Max and requested if you change the type to:73- you get the moste powerful german tank the “konigstiger”19- a panzer tank good and fast one.8- mark IV tank.Now to get more units just change the max amount to 40-50 or more the max amount is the second number after the unit code on the same line) try not to change the reqested unit number since it deteriorates the file sometimes. You can experiment for other codes.. I had no time. save the game with the save shortcut and close the file.. when prompted to save in formatted document press NO. Press ALT+TAB to return to the game press campain- select your game(2xclick) start it and there you go plenty of support to smash the ennemy. Make the same for every battle where you have little req points and units.