Chao Adventure (VMU)

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Cheat :

Chao Puzzle:It does not matter if a Chao file is available. Insert the VMS into socket one of a controller. Plug the controller into port D. A Chao Puzzle will appear on the VMS screen after selecting a file. Level skip:Obtain a Chao from Sonic Adventure. You will be asked for the next area when your Chao reaches the end of the current level. Select the desired location, then immediately press Mode. Then, press Mode(2) to return to the Chao Adventure screen. Allow the Chao to start walking and it will allow you to select the next area. This may be repeated as needed.

Hint :

Hint: Battle two of your own Chao:When battling two of your own chao, its not fatal. Choose battle and the game will load the two Chao onto the VMUs. Then, disconnect so you will only fight a clone of your Chaos. Hint: Change shape and color:If you give a Chao a lot of the same types of animal it will evolve. For example, animals with a yellow background will result in a water chao. Give the evolved Chao a different set of animals(for example, red, purple, or green) and it will eventually change shape and color again.Hint: Many Golden Chao Eggs:Note: This trick requires two VMUs. Get the golden Chao egg from Station Square. After that, start a new game and get another golden Chao egg. Then evolve them both in the Chao Garden. After that, feed one of the Chao and play with it until it starts growing flowers. When this happens, save both Chaos onto the two VMUs. After this, go to the cards on the VMUs and start Chao Adventures. Go to “Mating” and wait until all the hearts appear on the screen. Then, put the VMUs into the controller and put the two eggs into the Chao Garden. Repeat this until the gardens are full or until you made as many Chao as needed, but with the same Chao.