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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Barren (20 Pts)Destroy all mushrooms on the screen Centipede: – Default difficulty.
Entity (20 Pts)Have 3 lives in hand: Millipede – Default difficulty
Eradicate (20 Pts)Reach wave 8 without a millipede reaching the bottom: Millipede – Default difficulty.
Lunatic (20 Pts)Score 25,000 points: Millipede – Throttle Monkey mode.
Maniac (20 Pts)Score over 15,000: Centipede – Throttle Monkey mode.
Marauder (10 Pts)Score 125,000 points: Millipede – Default difficulty.
Poison (20 Pts)Destroy a spider for 1800 points: Millipede – Default difficulty.
Prowler (10 Pts)Score over 41,916 to get on the high score table: Millipede – Default difficulty.
Slayer (10 Pts)Score over 16,543 to beat the high score table: Centipede – Default difficulty.
Spirit (20 Pts)Have 3 lives in hand: Centipede – Default difficulty.
Stalker (10 Pts)Score over 50,000 points: Centipede – Default difficulty.

Simultaneous game:

Use a gamelink cable to connect two Game Boys to play

a simultaneous version of Centipede.