Game Boy Color

Bomberman Max Blue : Champion

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The Legendary Shardra

This Charabom is in the Bonus Stage that requires you to follow a certain path where there are three items and a dragon Charabom. That Charabom is Shardra. He starts out at level 50 with an attack of 50, a defense of 30, and a special of 35. Its stats may vary from game to game.

Charabom locations

Shell: 1-10
Pommy: 1-1
Seadran: 2-2
Panther Fang: 2-10
Sea Balloon: 3-10
Beast Pommy: 3-3
Puteladon: 4-4
Unicornos: 4-9
Iron Squid: 5-8
Animal Pommy: 5-15

Charabom combinations

Aqua Dragon: Fire + Water
Pommy Dragon: Fire + Electric
Thunder Kong: Earth + Electric
Thunder Shark: Water + Electric
Rock Snakey: Water + Earth
Fire Force: Fire + Earth