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Blood 3D

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In the game press “T” and enter these codes. MPKFA: God mode. LARA CROFT: All wepons and unlimited ammo. MARIO: Level warp. KEYMASTER: All keys. BUNZ: All wepons, full ammo and guns akimbo power-up. GRISWOLD: Full armor. MONTANA: All wepons, full ammo and all inventory items. IDAHO: All wepons and full ammo. SATCHEL: All inventory items. TEQUILA: Ativate guns akimbo power-up. FUNKY SHOES: Activate jumping boots (toggle). CHEESEHEAD: Get diving suit. FRANKENSTEIN: Get doctor´s bag. EVA GALLI: No Clipping. SPIELBERG: Same as “mario”, but crashes the game after selection. GOONIES: Full auto-map (toggle). RATE: Display frame rate and co-ordinates (toggle). EDMARK: Hurt player. KRUEGER: 200% helth, set player on fire and display message “Flame retardant!”.