PlayStation 2

Beat Mania 2 DX 9th Style

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Song Unlocks

If you fail Arcade/Expert/Class mode, your count is reset for unlocking. Only exception is if your Arcade failure happened during Quasar.Beyond the Earth – Clear Arcade/Expert/Class Mode 3 times Jaeger Final Attack – Clear Arcade/Expert/Class Mode 6 times No.13 – Clear all songs new to 9th Style on any difficulty (including the other two unlocks)

Enable Mirror+ and Random+

Go to the modifier menu in Free Mode by pressing start. Hold downthe first black (also dsignated as 2) key for two seconds and the modifier name will turn red. Random+ or Mirror+ will be activated. These modifiers can also be used simultaneously.Hold down the 2 key in the modifier menu after enabling Random+Enables Mirror+ Hold down the 2 key for two seconds in the modifier menuEnables Random+ Hold down the 2 key for two seconds after enabling Mirror+ Enables simultaneous usage of Random+ and Mirror+