Nintendo Entertainment System

A Boy and His Blob

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Get rid of all enemies on blobs planet
On the first screen of the Blob’s Planet, run and toss a jellybean at the left side of the screen. If you do it just right, the screen will flash for a moment and show the final boss room. Now, all enemies on Blobolonia will be gone for good.

Brick blob
Toss the blob a Honey jellybean then during transformation, toss it a Ketchup jellybean.

Defeating the King Boss
To kill the giant king blob when your blob is locked in the cage, throw an apple jellybean by pressing the throw button and running toward him.

Extra Vitamins
After you gain all of the gems throughout the game, return to the starting point. Then run all the way to the right until you see a large building. Run into it to receive extra vitamins of all kinds.

Fast Route to the Boss
When you first arrive in the Blob’s world, go left until you can go no further. Toss a jellybean against the left side of the screen and usually the jellybean will just roll off. Run back and forth tossing a jellybean against the left side of the screen and if your lucky the jellybean will be tossed to where the Emperor is and you will get a glimpse of the final scene where you fight the emperor. The code has been activated. Proceed to the right and you will find that almost all of your enemies have
disappeared including the cherry bombs, marshmallows, and popcorn.

Unlimited Jellybeans
Use the honey jellybean 50 times, and you will have unlimited beans.