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7 Up

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7 Up” is a thrilling puzzle game that will test your skills and challenge your mind. In this game, players must strategically place numbered tiles on a grid to create a sum of 7 in each row and column. With over 100 levels of increasing difficulty, “7 Up” offers hours of addictive gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. The sleek graphics and intuitive controls make this game a must-have for any puzzle enthusiast. So, sharpen your wits and get ready to conquer the grid in “7 Up” on PC Games.

7 Up Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat :

While playing:0 – restore energyF6 – Add COOL%M – Can move freely, press again to restore+ – Skip level5 – Replay and change level of difficultyF4 – Reduce energy to minimumF10 – Change time to 10 secondsPause the game (use 1 or END) and press A-K to select a level.

Cheat mode:
Press one of the following keys during game play to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

Effect Key
Level skip +
Full energy 0
More Cool % F6
Toggle free movement M

Level select:
Pause game play, then press A through K to advance to the
corresponding level.